Painting is my way to freedom. Bold & bright abstract paintings straight from the heart.


“In search of freedom and authentic expression, somewhere between Beauty & Chaos. My two friends and enemies. Creating feels like the most natural way of being.”

Liesbeth Willaert is a Belgian contemporary artist, known for her very colorful, bold and fluorescent, “sunkissed” paintings in acrylic.

Her works reveal, inspire and connect this “Joy of Life” with every audience. Her unique style is due to the specific tension, or – a dance as she calls it – between  between organic and geometric shapes.

Liesbeth is an internationally selling artist and has exhibited  in New York, Paris, London, Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid and Belgium.

Born in Leuven (Belgium), 1981.

Selected works:

My artwork is for sale online:

Saatchi (USA)
Tricera Art (Tokio)
Singulart (Paris)h
Art Sleuth (Hong Kong)
Kaleido (Texas,USA)

Represented by:

Saphira & Ventura Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
Untagged Art Gallery, Sevilla, Spain
Galerie Mizart, Belgium
Bernice Collection, Belgium