Liesbeth Willaert, born in 1981 in Leuven, Belgium, calls Antwerp her artistic base. She continues to push the boundaries of abstract expressionism with large acrylic paintings on wood or canvas. Renowned for her captivating “colour(e)scapes,” where vibrant, sun-kissed color compositions that intertwine organic and geometric shapes, evoke a sense of harmony amidst chaos. Significantly, she creates her own textured paint by integrating natural materials such as sand, coffee or wood, thereby enhancing the depth and dimension of her artworks.

Her work is an exploration of themes such as freedom, nautical life, motherhood, the human condition infused with a vibrant joie-de-vivre and a message of hope. Willaert’s  oeuvre boasts an array of important projects and series, including the “Essence” Collection, which emerged alongside the journey of motherhood, and the seminal work “Polysemic (2015),” marking a milestone in her burgeoning career.

Her art has graced prestigious exhibitions in the Saphira & Ventura Gallery in New York, the Contemporary Art Fair in Monaco and Artbox Basel 3.0, drawing admiration from collectors including the esteemed Shan collection in Korea. Willaert is represented by Mizart Gallery (Belgium) and Untagged Art Gallery (Spain).


b. 1981, Leuven, Belgium
Lives and works in Antwerp (Mechelen), Belgium.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2024  “Color Vibrations”,  Iluzione, Barcelona, Spain
2019  “Under DeConstruction”, Gallery Olivart, Barcelona, Spain
2017  “Between Dreams & Southern Shades”, Gallery Olivart, Barcelona, Spain

Selected Group Exhibitions
2024 Group Exhibition, Aderita Gallery, Faro, Portugal (upcoming autumn 2024)
2024  Artboxproject Basel 3.0, Basel, Switzerland
2024 “Open Nights”, The Open Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2023 “Eixample Art Project”, Hotel Ocean Drive, Barcelona, Spain
2023 “In Vivid Colors” , Saphira & Ventura Gallery, Manhattan, New York, U.S.A.
2022  Galerie Mizart, Zutendaal, Belgium
2021 “Birth of Super Nova”, Monat Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2021  Group Show Abstract Painting, Galerie Sonia Monti, Paris, France
2020 “Life Abstractions”, Saphire & Ventura Gallery, New York, USA
2020 “Untouchable Feelings”, Saphire & Ventura Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
2020 “Start Art”, Mutuo Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2019  “El Gesto Artístico”, La Nave, Barcelona, Spain
2018  “Hidden Realities”, JonaQuestArt Gallery, London, U.K.
  “Colectiva Contemporánea”, Abartium Gallery, Vic, Barcelona, Spain
2018  “XXVIII Expo for International and Multidisciplinary Contemporary Art”, Castillo de Montesquiu, Vic, Barcelona, Spain
2017  “State of Art”, Mazda Space, Barcelona, Spain

Art Fairs
2024  Art 3F Luxemburg, Luxemburg (upcoming Sept. 2024)
2024  Visions Art Fair Marbella, represented by Gaudi Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2022 Art Truc Troc & Design, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium
2021 International Contemporary Art Fair, represented by Monat Gallery, Monte Carlo, Monaco

2024 Selected Artist featured in the Art Universe on Apple Vision Pro (Kaleido)
2023 First Grand Prize in the category Abstract Art Prize, Kaleido
2021 Preselected Artist for the Banditto Residency, Banditto Art Gallery, Toscany, Italy
2018 Selected Artist for the XXVIII exhibition for International and Multidisciplinary Contemporary Art, Castillo de Montesquiu, Vic, Barcelona, Spain
2017 Finalist of ‘Best Art Seen in Barcelona in 2017”, Barcelona, Spain. 20th place of the selected hundred artists
2008 Laureaat of ‘De Mauritz Naessensprijs’, Cultural Center Meise, Brussels, Belgium
2007 Laureaat Art King, All true Artists Art Competition, Antwerp, Belgium
2007 Selection Artnoevoo Competition, Cultural Center Stafversluys, Bruges, Belgium

2023 First Grand Prize in the category Abstract Art Prize, Kaleido

Shan Collection, Seoul, Korea
Kaleido curated collection, Aztec Theatre in Texas
Bernice Collection, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
BusinessArtService, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Selected press
“Creative Spirit” in Inside Magazin, Austria (2023)
Personal Interview with Liesbeth Willaert, in Art Magazine C de l’Art, France (2021
“Artistic Talent from Roeselare”, in Belgian local newspaper Weekbode, Belgium
“You like art, although you don’t know”, in national Spanish newspaper, El Periódico (2017)