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I’m here to share what I wish i would have known 10 years earlier…

How I got an exposition in NY ?

Was I lucky? Yes, but most of all I got the basics right as an artist. A good curriculum of expos in London, Paris, Barcelona…a clear evolution in my work over the last years, a client and fan base etc. It’s not something that grows overnight. As well, I had only a website when I started back in 2004…. now, Instagram is crucial and also Facebook and Pinterest are needed… How to begin? Where to go? And to go next?

I am here to help you! Only if someone would have told what I know now 10 years ago…I would have grown faster and the road would have been less bumpy.

Here the solution: my personal advice, based on where you are at in your career.

Get a package of 5 hours of consultancy, at 65 dollars/hour.

Get professional advice based on your current artist career

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